Green Cabbage

Storage: Do not wash cabbage until you are ready to use it. Refrain from washing before storing. Cabbage can store well in a hydrator drawer. You can put the cabbage in a plastic bag to help retain moisture but it isn’t totally necessary.

Uses:   Cut cabbages first into quarters and then diagonally across the wedge. Then, cut into thin slices for tossing raw into salads or cut a little thicker for steaming or boiling;  Eat cabbage raw or just lightly cooked – overcooked cabbage may produce a strong odor and flavor.; Steam wedges of cabbage for 5-7 minutes, top with butter and a pinch of salt and pepper or even with grated cheese; added to sautes and stir frys;  tastes great alongside peppers, onions, etc; boil cabbage for five minutes with a chopped onion and add to mashed potatoes; leaves can be stuffed with any number of yummy ingredients and then baked; oven roasted cabbage steaks is a farm favorite. Cabbage is well known in coleslaw. Chop finely or shred and then toss with shredded carrots and green onions. Add any other vegetables that you would like. Toss with a yogurt/mayonnaise dill dressing or a vinaigrette.

Recipes:  Pinterest – Green Cabbage Board